Participation Options at Game Theory Expo

Game Theory Expo (GTEX) strongly focuses on the tabletop gaming industry in all its forms. Though we lean more towards the smaller (indie) publishers and developers, we include all the usual tabletop gaming opportunities. As much as we would love to make Game Theory Expo free to everyone, we must still pay the bills and compensate the kind folks who host our event.

With that in mind, we offer several tiers of participation opportunities to fit a variety of interests and industry goals. Outlined below are the requirements and benefits of each. If you have any questions regarding GTEX or our company, please contact us.


Attendees are people who come to play or run games and get a firsthand look at games from our Exhibitors. Many of these games may still be in development, not yet released, or simply in limited distribution. Attendees may also include those interested in GTEX’s industry panels but who do not have any product to exhibit.


  • Tickets for Game Theory Expo will be $18 for all attendees in advance of the show.
  • Tickets for Game Theory Expo will be $20 at the door.
    • GTEX has limited attendance so we cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door.


  • Attendees may participate in the First Look Raffle to win prizes donated by Exhibitors, Sponsors, and Partners. To enter the raffle, attendees must visit as many of our Exhibitors as possible and get their cards punched as proof. The more Exhibitors an attendee visits, the more entries that attendee gets.
  • Attendees have access to open and scheduled tabletop games in our main hall and additional gaming rooms (such as the Skirmisher Pavillion and Organized Play room). Tournaments may have additional fees (for example, sealed pack tournaments that require purchase).
  • Attendees have access to the free board game library supplied by Ettin Games.
  • Attendees may attend any panels. (Note: most panels center around working in the game industry).
  • Each attendee may cast one vote for the GTEX Game of Honor. This is the crowd favorite chosen from the games shown by our Exhibitors.


  • Have fun!
  • Adhere to the GTEX Code of Conduct.
  • Have fun!

Game Masters

Approved groups, such as Organized Play groups, Demo Teams, Tournament Organizers, and those looking to host Show Piece games will qualify for a number of free badges based on the group’s requirements and the content provided. These agreements are made on a case by case basis and tailored to each specific group and its needs. The lead of such a group should contact Joe Charles to start the process.


Exhibitors include independent (Indie) game developers, publishers, and others seeking to show or sell games or game content. We encourage those who qualify as Exhibitors but have no product to show to participate as Attendees. The only difference is the lack of a display table, which is immaterial if there is nothing to display. For more information or to register for this program, please contact Joe Charles.


  • Exhibitors pay $30 for 2 Tickets, minimum. Approval is required prior to ticket purchase, so please contact us for this option.
    • GTEX has limited Exhibitor space. To guarantee your area, please register early.
  • Additional Tickets cost $15 each (limit 2 extra tickets).
    • GTEX has limited attendance. Purchase extra tickets early if needed.


  • The ticket cost of $30 for 2 tickets represents a discount of $6 off the regular price of an Attendee ticket.
  • Each Exhibitor is assigned one free 6’x30” table to display, demo, or sell their product (though open tables nearby could accommodate demos).
    • Does that say free sales space? Yes, it does but only for the 2018 GTEX. After 2018, Exhibitors can expect there will be a fee for a sales table or booth. However, as a thank you for helping us in our inaugural year, GTEX is extending a 10% Ground Floor discount to all participating 2018 Exhibitors. That means if you are an Exhibitor at GTEX 2018, GTEX will grant you 10% off any future fees for Exhibiting at our shows…forever.
  • Exhibitors will have access to seminars aimed at indie developers, publishers, and others interested in working in the tabletop gaming industry.
    • Exact topics and presenters will be announced before the show.
    • To help determine the topics covered or offer yourself as a panelist, contact Jason Yarnell.
  • Exhibitors will have access to network with local and imported Professionals that are in attendance.
    • Professionals are knowledgeable persons already working in the industry who can offer feedback, advice, and networking opportunities.
  • All participating Exhibitors will be announced and linked in social media at least once by GTE as well as any partnering groups, such as Skirmisher Publishing.
  • All participating Exhibitors will be listed and linked on GTE’s website.
  • GTE will provide punch cards (First Look Raffle) to attendees to track which Exhibitor tables they have visited.
    • Visiting booths will earn the attendee entries into a drawing for prizes submitted by our sponsors. This drives attendees to interact with the Exhibitors rather than just glancing at the table, so Exhibitors are encouraged to have their elevator pitches ready.
  • Exhibitors will have entry to the pre-con mixer.
    • Details will be provided privately to participating Exhibitors.


  • Exhibitors who plan to sell any product must have a valid TX state tax ID, but these are free and granted instantly online.
  • Exhibitors are asked to help GTE spread the word about GTEX. Ideally, we would like the following 3 things:
    • Like our Facebook page.
    • Give us a positive review after the event is over (or at least a constructive one).
    • In advance of the show, use personal and/or company social media to talk about attending our show, while using the tag #GtexHou and linking to the GTE social media or GTEX website.
  • Exhibitors must provide their own signage.
    • Since we are not charging for the sales space, we are also not providing company (booth) signs for 2018. If you have questions about what will work best, please ask.
  • Exhibitors who plan to attend seminars are encouraged to bring someone to help (if possible) at the Exhibitor’s table. Ideally, this should be someone who can answer questions about the product, run a quick demo, keep an eye on the table, and handle any sales.
  • Have fun!
  • Adhere to the GTEX Code of Conduct.
  • Network like never before!


Optional Items

  • If possible, Exhibitors are encouraged to submit a copy of their game to our library. Ettin Games sponsors GTEX and runs our library, but they also run libraries at other conventions. Adding a game to their library allows for more exposure of that game at other conventions beyond GTEX. Further, if someone in this area asks about the game, they can be referred to Ettin Games’ store location to give it a try.
  • Exhibitors may also supply additional prize support by submitting product for the First Look Raffle. While our show sponsors have us covered, we will not turn down additional product should an Exhibitor wish to provide any. Exhibitors who contribute to the raffle will be mentioned as a raffle sponsors during the drawing at the show.
  • Exhibitors may also participate as panelists.


Supporters are those who cannot attend our show or afford a Sponsorship but like what we are doing and want to help. For more information or to become a Supporter, please contact Joe Charles.


  • A supporter is a person or company who contributes any amount under $200.


  • We list all supporters as such on our website.
  • Supporters will have a warm feeling from helping to support tabletop gaming.


  • We would appreciate a like on our Facebook page.


Sponsors are people or companies who have taken it upon themselves to help fund our cause. Sponsors can be anyone with a strong desire to help spread the word about tabletop gaming or the talents and amazing products of those smaller publishers and developers who may not have the resources to reach their audiences. Traditionally Sponsors are local game stores, but larger publishers with an interest in farming new talent or product lines are just as welcome to participate at this level.

It is acceptable to be a Sponsor and an Exhibitor if the requirements for both are met. For more information, please contact Joe Charles.


  • Sponsors donate at least $300 in product (retail price) or $200 in cash.
    • For Sponsors who provide product, the product will be chosen by GTEX at least 30 days prior to the show.
    • There are a limited number of product sponsorships available. Once we have the product we need, the remaining sponsorships will be cash only.
  • Sponsorship begins once GTEX receives funds, gift card, or product, as appropriate.


  • GTEX lists Sponsor on website and provides link to Sponsor’s website.
  • GTEX advertises Sponsor in social media posts. Link provided to sponsor’s social media if available.
  • GTEX announces and thanks all Sponsors prior to First Look Lotto drawing.
  • Our Partner Skirmisher Publishing mentions Sponsors on their podcast when discussing GTEX at least once prior to the show, but likely more often.
  • Partners share GTEX posts about Sponsors.
  • Sponsors may help determine the topics of panels and seminars, if interested.
  • Sponsors will have entry to the pre-con mixer.
    • Details will be provided privately to participating Sponsors.


  • Sponsors are asked to like the GTE Facebook page.
  • Sponsors are asked to use their social media, website, and/or customer mailing list to let people know about their sponsorship of the show and to provide link back to social media or website as appropriate. For social media posts, Sponsors are asked to use the tag #GtexHou. Sponsors are asked to use each option available to them at least once prior to the show.
  • If a Sponsor has a physical store front, we ask that a flyer be posted in the store.


Partners are similar to Sponsors but are significantly more invested and involved with the show. They contribute above the level of Sponsors and are negotiated on a case by case basis.

For more information, please contact Joe Charles.


Professionals are industry people who have experience working in/with one or more aspects of the tabletop gaming world. Professionals are those people who are invited to GTEX and fulfill a role that is not dissimilar to that of a guest at other conventions but with some additional responsibilities as detailed below.

If you are interested in becoming a GTEX Professional, please contact Jason Yarnell.


  • The only cost for a Professional is time. GTEX recognizes that time is valuable, and we do our best to minimize or eliminate all monetary costs for our Professionals. Exact coverage handled on a case by case basis.
    • Currently GTEX does not offer appearance fees.


  • Professionals have a chance to pay it forward to smaller developers and individuals who can benefit from the Professional’s experience and knowledge.
  • Professionals have opportunity to Network in a casual environment with fellow industry professionals and neophytes.
  • Professionals may mingle and game with fans.
  • Professionals will have entry to the pre-con mixer. This will be a chance for Professionals to hang out and meet the GTEX staff, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners, and other Professionals while decompressing from your travels prior to the convention.
  • There is the possibility for a behind the scenes tour of Johnson Space Center, as available.


  • Professionals are asked to like the GTE Facebook page.
  • Professionals are asked to use their social media to let their fans know they will be our guests. For social media posts, Professionals are asked to use the tag #GtexHou.
  • Professionals are asked to participate in industry panels and seminars. The exact panels and seminars will be determined prior to the convention with significant input from the Professionals.
  • Have fun!
  • Adhere to the GTEX Code of Conduct.
  • Professionals will be able to network with Exhibitors and offer up advice or feedback on their games, elevator pitches, etc., especially if the Professional has experience that relates directly to the product.
  • Play games!

Join us at GTEX! Buy your badge to attend the show. Get tickets for games or seminars that interest you.