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3 days ago
Jason is all set up at @DeltaHCon and will be there all weekend. Drop by to see him at booth A008 and hear more about #GTEXhou. Don't forget that he will also be selling badges to Game Theory Expo while he is there! This is a great chance to buy your badge before the convention.
4 days ago
In 79 days, #GTEXhou will be here! We have started filling our schedule, and it is live! Check out our #tabletop #gaming offerings: #boardGames, #cardGames, #rpg, #miniatures. We will be adding more #games as we get closer to the convention.
5 days ago
Today's Exhibitor announcement is @DannKrissGames. DKG began in 2013 in Texas. Each game evokes the solid gameplay and seamless core mechanics of Euro-style games with the theme-driven immersion and edge-of-your-seat excitement of Ameri-style games. Drop by his table at #GTEXhou!

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