Since releasing our GTEX Participation link, we’ve received a number of questions about our content and also how local Game Masters (GMs) can get involved. Today, let’s get started by highlighting the cornerstone of our content – Exhibitors.

Our Exhibitors include independent (Indie) game developers, publishers, and others seeking to show or sell games or game content made by themselves or their company. Where other shows may relegate these groups to side rooms or price them out of participation, we want them front and center. Our hobby thrives with the creation of new games and the infusion of new blood into the industry and we want to do our part to foster innovate and entertaining new games.

For our Attendees, this means a chance to play games that are not widely distributed or which may even still be in development. By taking the time to visit each Exhibitor, you’ll not only learn about and possibly play their games, but you’ll also be earning additional entries for yourself into our First Look Raffle. You’ll even get to vote for the game you think shows the most promise. (We’ll have more on both the raffle and voting process in a future blog entry).

For our Exhibitors, we provide access to a number of industry Professionals. These Professionals are people currently working in the gaming industry who can provide valuable insight and help new companies and developers avoid possible pitfalls in the creation and production cycle. Plus it’s a fantastic networking opportunity! The interaction with our Attendees mentioned above provides further playtest, feedback, and even sales opportunities.

Who knows who will be the next big game company?  However maybe someday one will say it got its start at GTEX, and our Attendees can say they knew them before they were big.

Next time we’ll discuss the opportunities we have for our local GMs to get involved with GTEX and how that plays into our content offerings.